How MatLab write/read pins while connecting Arduino Uno via serial port

I connect a Max6675 Thermocouple to Uno and the thermocouple works as expected controlled by Matlab using serial port, which is required by the Max6675. What I want to do is to turn on/off the heater using an SSR controlled by the same Arduino Uno. I think I have to access the other pins, other than pin10 (CS), and pins 12 and 13 (SCK and SO) to send signals to the SSR. However, I do not know how to access the pins using Matlab because the com port is used as serial port. When I use writePWMVoltage(ar, 'D5' ,5), it returns error message "Unrecognized function or variable 'writePWMVoltage'.". Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi! I'm doing the same project using Peltiers and ssrs and am about to *probably run into this issue.
Do you mind sharing your Matlab script?

Basically, since the serial port is used to transfer thermocouple data to Matlab, it is not possible to use the same port for Matlab to write to other pins. I also tried use softSerial with no luck. You may have to use a arduino with bluetooth or WiFi for additional Serial port to do that, possibly, that was what I read but have no time to try. I gave up using matlab to control but use Arduino for the purpose. Good luck.

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