how much can an arduino (diecimila) do?

I’m working on an idea of mine and i need to know: can an arduino diecimila be wired up to a screen, keyboard, speakers and a webcam? If so, how? And please reply. When I asked this question on i only got an answer when i posted a reply asking people to answer back ;D!

I think you are looking at the wrong platfrom for what you want to do…

Arduino has only 1k of ram… and 16 k of code…

altough It can be connected with all the things you mention (through external modules) what you can do is quite limited.

I should be looking at some linux based board with more flash/ram.


Would it be possible to add some more memory? If not, would I be able to use a USB pen drive instead? And would it be possible to connect an aerial and a webcam? P.S. I’ve already got my Arduino :-/.

The Arduino board has 16 KB memory for program code, 1 KB RAM for data. It is not possible to upgrade them.

People have interfaced USB memory devices, but that wont give you more memory for code, only more space to store data with relatively slow access.

As for aerial and WEB cam - in theory it might be possible, but you must understand that the Arduino board is powered by a simple small microprocessor that has no real operatingsystem, do not know anything about drivers, files, folders, graphics or whatever.

The only (built in) way to communicate with the Arduino board is over a serial RS232 line at a max rate of 115Kb/s.

I think you chose the wrong hardware platform for a web cam enabled project.

Sorry that I keep on needing explaining like a 5-year old but I am only 9 years old. But assuming I stuck with it and went ahead with my idea, what would the limitations be? And I don’t really need a webcam. ;D

It would make things a lot easier if you could explain in a little more details what it is you want to achieve.

An arduino is not really capable of talking to USB peripherals like a memory stick or web cam (people have done it, but it’s HARD, uses up almost the whole AVR, and it wouldn’t be a good beginner project.) It can handle certain types of displays, but probably not what you’re look for unless you spend more on the display than you did on the arduino. From your questions, You’re probably better off looking for a used desktop system, a couple generations old (PII or PIII, 1GHz, 20GB disk, or maybe an old iMac) Put linux on it (free) and perhaps “Processing” as a development environment (sorta arduino-like, as I understand it.) You should be able to pick up computer like that for less than $100 from one one of the dealers that specializes in such things, if you can’t find somewhat with one lying in their garage that they’ll give you for free.
(This is something that I call “the $100 paradox.” About $100 will buy you a decent embedded microcontroller development system, OR a low-end palmtop, OR a used oldish desktop; they all cost about the same, but have wildly different capabilities.)