How much data i can transfer using sd card from arduino to other device?

can i send ppt or image files?

I imagine you can send as much as you want, one block of data at a time. Blocks might be read out 512 bytes at a time?

The files can be very large (up to at least 4GB I believe), but I don't see how you are going to generate a powerpoint file on the Arduino. An image file isn't going to be easy either unless it is a very basic BMP or raw image.


i will have my image or ppt in sd card.... does arduino send those files to raspberry pi or something?

Why not have the "raspberry pi or something" just read the card itself? What's the point of having the arduino involved?

chinni4292 Have you considered reading

Mr_arduino: chinni4292 Have you considered reading

I like it. I can see that coming in useful...

^^^ it is very useful for people like chinni4292 who break many rules from that link like being specific and not writing all under-case and using good grammar.

OT, but the irony is that those who tend to put '"Please excuse my English" have made themselves perfectly clear! Which leads me to assume that those who don't...

^^^ That is because they know how to ask a smart question. Also I think we are getting a little off topic last I check we are discussing "how i get arduion to send teh power point teh file be large but i need to send in 1 second i cant hav slow" At this point in the topic I don't think being off topic is a big deal though.