How much user-accessible EEPROM is available on the Arduino 101?

For our app, we need to store about a minute of voice quality audio samples: 8bits/sample, 8KHz sampling rate * 60 seconds = 480Kbytes.

We're planning on adding an external eeprom to hold the sound sample, but I have seen hints that the Curie system emulates the "visible" Arduino EEPROM, and that there's more EEPROM in the system than is exposed through emulation.

So: How much internal flash is available? Is there a way for user code to access it? And if you were planning on storing 480Kbytes of "constant" data in the system, how would you go about it?

Hi @rdpoor,
to allocate 480KB you need to use the embedded flash chip (you can see it just under the Curie chip).
It is a 16Mb (2MB) SPI flash chip directly accessible using CurieSerialFlash library (include in 101 core).
The emulated EEPROM can max out at 2KB so it’s not suitable for your project


@facchinm: Thank you -- that's exactly like what we need. Using the CurieSerialFlashLibrary will knock at least $8.00 off our BOM costs!