How setSyncInterval works?

Hi guys, can you hear my "time" question? I've tryed several times but I've no clue of setSyncInterval works...

This is my code:

  while(timeStatus()== timeNotSet);

In the Serial Monitor I've a debug string to show when getNtpTime is called... well... the first time I saw the getNtpTime is called by setSyncProvider, but after this no more sync every 60 seconds...

So... why setSyncInterval won't work?

Where's the rest of your code? What library are you using? What board are you working with? What hardware do you have connected that you're using to get the time? Is it getting the time correctly that first time?

Please read this -,148850.0.html - with your original post, there is no way anyone could solve your problem, because you've provided so little information.

naamah75: So... why setSyncInterval won't work?

It doesn't work because you don't retrieve the time from the library.

In the same moment you retrieve the time from the library, that function will look up whether it is time to sync the time. If you don't retrieve the time or if you do, but the syninterval has not yet passed, nothing will happen.