How should I post code that I must edit for privacy/security reasons?

Hello, everyone.

I'm new to this forum and the Arduino community in general. I was reading nickgammon's post on how to use this forum, and there's something I'd like a little clarification on before I post my project-related question and waste people's time or look like a big doofus.

When it comes to posting code, I won't be able to simply copy and paste. My project involves using an ESP-8266 to send a notification email to a predetermined address. As such, the code contains the network name and password of my work place. I would like to simply replace those pieces of code with a stand-in like "NETWORK NAME" and "NETWORK PASSWORD." Is this an acceptable solution, or is there something else I should do to let readers know the code they're about to read is not actually the functional code?

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Is this an acceptable solution

Yes. It is not a bad idea to mention, when posting code, that you have redacted some parts of it, so we don't assume that you forgot to edit some part of some code you lifted from the internet.

You could also use the SECRET function.

See here for details

Thank you both very much for your time. That secret function looks positively bangerang. I’m on my mobile right now, but I’ll be trying it tomorrow in the office. I’m glad I got introduced to Arduino and this community. Thanks again.

Don't lose sight of the possibility that a program fault is actually due to the real content of a piece of confidential information - for example trying to parse a password might fail with some characters and not with others.