How should I wire my 3PDT switch?

So I've done a bit of reading about these 3PDT footswitches with built in 2-colour LEDs and I understand how to wire the LED to the poles of the switch but how should I wire the +ve, ground, and digital pin wires? I want the function to be On-off so that when the switch is one way it sends a high and can send a midi CC on (127) and then when switched to the other pole, it is effectively just disconnecting the "on" side not connecting another circuit. Does that make sense?

Where I'm getting confused is which wire/wires should be on the common pole?

If someone could explain it that'd be great. I'm really good with most digital/technological stuff being a "millenial" but I've always found electronics just a little bit too far out of my natural instincts at times.

Without seeing the data sheet of the switch I assume it is a regular momentary switch. The 3 terminals of each pole are common (C), normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). Wire one pole's C to ground and NO to a digital input pin. In setup() set the pinMode of the digital pin to INPUT_PULLUP. When the switch is not pressed it will read HIGH and LOW when pressed. Put a 0.1uf cap across the switch (C to NO) to provide hardware debounce (if necessary) or if there are long wires from the switch to the Arduino.