How t: ds1307 alarm?

I have a ds1307 Real Time Clock:

I programed it by the ds1307 library existing in this arduino forum to have my real local time.

For the moment it is not so accurate, but this is other history.

This post is to ask is somebody made an alarm with this component. I mean: it has a not volatile memory, so i would like to know if it is possible to program it to get up (or call to) the arduino ones each hour, or four hours, or an specific date and hour, or something like that in order the arduino could develop some measurements of sensors connected to it...

Is it possible? if so, how to do it?


This chip has no provision for setting an alarm that you could use to wake up the processor from sleep mode.

Therefore your alarm function must be done in software. Comparing the time to the time you want. This means that your processor has to be running to do this.

If you wanted an interrupt every hour then you would have to add external hardware to interrupt the processor out of sleep mode.

Ok, i see. Thanks Grumpy_Mike!

The DS1337 is similar to the DS1307 and has two alarms. I have some software examples in the "Applications Hints" section at

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Thanks jluciani,

I will put in the wishes-list for my next shopping time! I take a look to your library and looks very detailed and useful. I will download it as soon as i will have the new component.

Thanks for the links!