how take compass values into sd card

i have hmc5883l compass and i want to take values of compass in to sd card please refer me the code

Do you know how to read data from the compass? If not, what have you done to find out how to do it?

Do you know how to write data to an SD card? If not, what have you done to find out how to do it?

Unless you're lucky enough to find somebody that has already implemented exactly the project you want, you'll have to implement it yourself. There are plenty of people on the forum willing to help you solve problems you have encountered while implementing your project, but you are expected to implement it yourself. If you don't fancy that you can post a request in the Gigs & Collaborations section to see whether anyone is interested in helping or doing it for you. Note that most people would expect to be paid for working for you.

hi I am using pt100 2 wire and i want to read temperature please suggest me the connection diagram for it. I am getting wrong values. Is there any extra circuitry needed

I have no idea what you mean by a pt100 2 wire and I'm not about to guess and try searching the internet for a data sheet for you. If you want advice about interfacing to a device, you need to provide full details of the device that you are asking about.

This seems unrelated to your original question about compasses and SD cards so should probably be a separate thread.