How thin is too thin (Copper Clad PC Board)?

I just saw some .008" Copper clad PC Board on ebay (Yes, it’s copper CLAD, not just solid copper)! At first I though, “Perfect! Now I can just cut it with scissors!”, but then I realized, is this stuff just too thin? I figured out it’s about as thick as two sheets of printer paper (:O). Would this stuff bend like crazy when trying to solder stuff? Or does the FR4 give it some rigidity?

Thanks for your insight.

If it doesn’t work out for making PCBs, one of the neatest vendor novelties I’ve gotten over the years was an etched and silkscreened business card made with just that sort of stock.

Oooo very cool! I may have to buy some (it’s about $1 per 8" x 9" sheet)!

Do you have any pictures of how yours turned out? :open_mouth:

Depending on your “scissors”, you can start to cut PCB material at about 1/32 inch (~30mil.)
I don’t think you’d want to go much below 20mil (~0.5mm) unless you were planning on laminating it to something. I have some of the 6.25mil stuff that’s being sold on eBay, and it’s pretty much less rigid than card stock…

I got some stuff that was (IIRC) 0.032". That’s too thin for a shield, IMO.

The stuff you’re talking about I don’t think I would use for anything that required holes - maybe a small SMT-only board.


It’ll depend somewhat on size as well. A small board like a RBBB can be a lot thinner than a big board like a MEGA…

have you got the link?

I’ve been looking for some UK based ultra thin pcb. The very thin stuff will pass through a standard laminator, which makes toner tranfer alot easier