How to access

Hi peeps,

A recent thread had this link: , which works.

But I'd like to get to any kind of index to these docs; I've seen similar links before and it seems a useful place to go to. But, if I type either....


.... I get a 403.

Is there a front page where I can access these docs?

edit... deja vu kicked in, and it seems I asked this question less than a year ago, here.

Rob had this suggestion: google " " and you get ~30 hits ...

Is that still the solution?

Thanks.... but how do you know about that?- I don't see a link from Reference....

Should have gone with my first instinct and included the search query. I suspected you would want to know how I found that page. Fortunately it wasn't too difficult to resurrect...

Third hit.

Looks like some (all?) are a available here...

Ah, that makes sense: it's a resource for users of the kit.

Might be nice if members could add to it though- it would be a handy place to keep commonly used sheets, outside of the kit.

I'd volunteer to maintain such a resource if the webmaster could set it up.