How to access USB_DM and USB_DP

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I have to share the D+ and D- pins with a battery charger BQ25895.
For this, according to TI, it is prefered to set D+ and D- of the system microcontroller (an arduino nano 33 BLE in this case) to high impedance the first second when a usb plug is inserted. This should guarantee, that the charger can have a proper "look", what kind of USB source is connected (SDP, CDP, DCP,...).
So is there a possibility to access the two pins USB_DM and USB_DP on the NINA-B3X by software and start the communication with the arduino first one second after power up?

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A few hours reading the manual of the microcontroller and a lot of pages in the net gives myself the solution:

NRF_USBD->ENABLE = 0; // disables the USB-port
NRF_USBD->ENABLE = 1; // enables the USB-port

So easy, but nowhere to find exactly like this in the www.

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