How to achieve indoor Autonomous DIY Drone with APM 2.8 (without GPS)

Dear Arduino Lovers,

I'm currently doing for my final year project. Facing with some difficulties... Is there any methods that we can achieve indoor autonomous navigation with GPS signal? Are we able to tweak the source code to hard code it?

Help is greatly appreciated!!!

Are we able to tweak the source code to hard code it?

That depends on what "it" is you want to achieve.

It will be extremely difficult to change the SoftwareSerial class or the HardwareSerial class to emulate getting GPS data that accurately describes the location of the robot with no real hardware.

Damn near impossible, as a matter of fact.

Already been done, at M.I.T. But, I don't think the were using Arduino's.....

Thanks for your replies!... Any recommended way to go about doing this?

Actually all i need is to control the drone to move to a few points to simulate inventory checking inside a warehouse.

Many thanks!

Can you make the drone home in on blinking LEDs? Make each station an active participant in the process.

I'd do it with Arduinos simulating an IR remote control so that they are sending out a relatively complex signal which can be identified which one it is. Like just holding down the number buttons on a regular remote. Then have the drone rotate until the desired signal is received and move forwards. Descend when the signal is detected on a downward-facing sensor.

this sounds like a feasible and achievable plan. Actually I'm also thinking along using RFID as each station for location identification.

Do you know how i can integrate Adafruit PN532 RFID Controller Shield for Arduino into APM 2.8 flight controller?

On top of that, i am also exploring the usage of the GUIDED_NO_GPS Mode inside the mission planner...

RFID will tell you when you arrived at your destination. It won't help navigation to get there.

Just to be clear: is this a flying or wheeled drone? I know it's commonly used for flying ones but that's not necessarily the case.

Modulated LEDs will help a lot with navigation indeed.

The hard part is counting inventory. How are you going to look in boxes? Or see whether there's a second layer of boxes behind it? That at least are normal warehouse arrangements. RFID doesn't get that far.

Thanks for all the replies... I'm building a flying drone. My project is not so foolproof and extensive. Just need to navigate to a few points and able to detect the inventory using RFID.

My hardware are - apm 2.8 - Bluetooth data link module (Comm with my laptop (Mission planner)) - ultrasonic rangefinder sonar (altitude)

Yet to purchase - adafruit PN532 RFID board and tag.

I had already built and tune my drone. Next is to either explore the Guided NO GPS mode (navigation to few points) and/or integrate the RFID receiver board with APM 2.8...

Not sure how to proceed from here...