How to activate an attached device using the PIR sensor-UNO board R3

Greetings fellow members,
As a complete beginner, how can I use the PIR sensor and the signal it outputs to activate another device such as a light or alarm as a visual aid to the intruder alert?
Basically, what I am asking is which pins on the UNO can I connect to to activate an external device ( buzzer, siren, light etc) which will provide visual alert when the PIR sensor senses movement? I guess this would also work with the sonic sender and receiver.
Thanks in advance for any guidance on this



Thanks Karma 678, I really just needed to know that by connecting to the Analog pins etc, I was not going to blow the board up! Will keep in mind yr kind offer to code.

@spycatcher2k - I felt honour-bound to update your "ID" :smiley: