How to add a Bluetooth dongle to a Arduino R3 Uno

Please can anyone help me I am getting pressure of my boss
I need to create a Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity sensor. So I purchased the Arduino R3 Uno, the Temperature and Humidity Sensor and a BLUEFRUIT NZ LINK. unfortunately the BLUEFRUIT NZ LINK has been out of stock for the last six months without a new delivery date.
I was wondering is there another board I can attach to the R3 UNO board so I can attaché a Bluetooth Dongle too it.
My work colleagues have attached a Wireless dongle to a Raspberry device and this works fine.
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

Thanks (

There are lots of bluetooth modules that provide a bluetooth-to-serial interface to the Arduino. The Chinese made HC-06 is quite common. The BlueSMiRF series (Silver and Gold) are also common.

If you want the Arduino to be a bluetooth client using a USB-to-Bluetooth adapter you will need a USB Host Shield and a bunch of programming well beyond my understanding.

Thanks John
It is getting harder and harder to resolve this problem.