How to add a button/option to open a car gate from inside .

Hi there, I am not sure if I am in the right spot but I need to ask anyone if they can help me on a DIY project. My house was built with this video entryphone,we can see who is outside and communicate with the option to open the little gate. The big mistake that they did it is that we cannot open the car gate, so each time a car comes in the gate should be opened with the little remote. MY QUESTION IS: what should I add in order to open the gate from inside? Can anyone help me ? We have 5 units in the property and all have the video entryphone . Sorry again if this is not the right channel! Thanks

My house was built to open only the little gate to let people in,but no option to open the car gate from inside . What I shoul add to let this happen? We have 5 units in the property and all are without any button to open the car gate. Anyone can help me on this DIY project? Thanks


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How is the gate opened now when you dont use the entry phone? Since you are able to open the smaller gate, what does that gate have that the car gate does not have? Im sure there is a solution that may work, just need more information..