How to add LiPo protection circuitry?

Hi guys – First post, so let me introduce myself. I’m a software engineer living in San Jose who’s just managed to catch the hardware bug. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a background in EE, so apologies in advance for the noob questions.

I’d like to use a USB LiPo charger within my project, such as this one:

However, the LiPo batteries I want to charge do not have an integrated protection circuit. They are totally bare. Rather than trying to add protection circuitry to each battery, is it possible to modify the USB LiPo charger I linked above? I believe the missing crucial pieces of functionality are:

  • short circuit protection
  • undercurrent protection to prevent the battery from discharging too far.

Is my understanding correct? How could I add those two features to this charger circuit / PCB?

Thanks a ton,

Can add this function

and let the uC determine when to shut things down.