How to add more sensors to ARDUINO ONE?

I am just integrating myself to the world of electronics and I have the ARDUINO ONE (R3) and I am adding sensors for a project … but with 2 sensors I have already occupied the 3.3V and 5V of the board and I can not put more sensors ? please if anyone knows how to add more sensors I appreciate it

You can connect multiple things to the power and ground pins - just make a Y by cutting up a couple of jumper cables and soldering the cut ends together to split the power pins, or use breadboard.

There is also an extra power and ground pin on the 6-pin ICSP connector that you can use to connect to things with.

This is one of the design decisions on the uno that really annoys me - they know their userbase doesn't want to solder... so why did they only put one power pin? When I design dev/breakout boards, I put 3-4 power and ground pins in a row.

Some third party Arduino compatibles come with Gnd+Vcc+Data headers for each I/O pin. Or use a proto shield with such connectors or with screw terminals.

Also stronger power supplies may be required for multiple sensors, the on-board regulators have limited current capabilities.