How to add ON/Off switch

Hi there!

I'm new at this, I just created a project that I want to add a On/Off switch. I searched online and found some images that shows how to wire a switch onto your attiny85, I did everything. My question is when I press the button and hold to turn on it comes on but when let go of the button the led stays on for couple mins until the time runs out. Is there a way to drain the power of what left of it so when I press the button and hold it..It will flash..But when I release it..It turn off without doing anything.

A circuit would be useful.

Circuit as in what?, Sorry I'm all new here.

How do you have the switch wired up? To my knowledge, the tiny has no power management abilities, so to turn it ‘off’ and ‘on,’ you just supply power to Vcc. Was there some sort of latch circuit that you’re using?

Ok. I attached the switch onto the breadboard and put the positive on to pin 0 onto the attiny85 and the gnd onto a resistor that will be connected to the gnd. this is what I used. When I press and hold the button it blinks and fades but when I release it..It still fades and blinks until the timer runs out then it doesn't blink or fades until I press and hold it.

Can I harm the attiny85 by clicking the on the reset button all the time?.

Edit: Or adding a switch to it?.

This will not satisfy what you want.This setup will not kill power to the Attiny or the LED. Use the circuit below.
Only the switch configuration changes, keep the same value of resistor you used.


Thank you. If I add a wire to the reset pin, Could I harm the attiny85?.

No, holding reset low, or adding a wire, will not harm it.

Might see erratic operation if Reset is not pulled high to Vcc with a 10K resistor.

So if I stick a 10k resistor, it will be ok?.

Edit: Also can I use the reset (D5) pin not only as a reset but a select pattern?. for example---If i click on will change patterns but if I press and hold it..It will reset to default pattern.

No, you can't do that. All you'll do is reset it, like you'd press the reset button on your PC (but without danger of destroying some harddisk content, as that isn't in it). You could use external hardware to store some settings and change that after every reset. But that is not really a solution and once you are able to do that, you don't need to ask questions like these anymore. But keep asking any question, it's a way to learn.

Hey learning is a good tool, That if anyone willing to help out.