HOW TO - Arduino Nano 33 IOT With LIPO Battery

Hi there,

Ok I admit, I am a newbie ... :o

I am looking for advices to power a Nano 33 IOT with a LIPO battery >2000mAH.

1- Which LIPO battery model? pin vs connector?? What is the best website to buy it? I am located in France.

2- I can't find the proper documentation to connect the battery to my arduino nano. A.... The documentation is not clear enough with this model and I don't want to "burn" it.

Many thanks.


My approach is a bit different. I use SEPIC converters all the time. They give a constant voltage over a large input voltage variation and most are adjustable. I get them on ebay for a few dollars. They are rated with an input and output voltage range. With this approach you can use just about any battery that suites your fancy. When looking look for two inductors on the board, they sell a lot buck and boost converters as SEPIC on ebay. A SEPIC converter is a Buck and Boost on the same board typically with one input an one output.

I reside in the USA so I have no idea what is available to you but this solution opens the door to a lot of choices for just a few dollar investment.

Good Luck and have fun!