How to assemble a DC gear motor with encoder

Hello guys, I have the next problem. For a proyect I have, I need to assemble a DC motor with an encoder to obtain useful information like movement speed, acceleration and position of two wheels, and I don't know how to assemble those. I'm using two DC gear motors and two encoders as are displayed below (12[V], 30 [RPM] and torque between 6.3[kg/cm] and 14[kg/cm]), which are OK because my project consists in a robotic platform that has to load a maximum of 15[kg] distributed on two wheels and an industrial caster one. There is a possibility I could assemble the DC gear motors with the encoders I have? or maybe I'd better buy an AB024 rotative encoder for arduino instead the encoders I have as an alternative way?

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot - 6b774cbf1a28345f6b58180535daa3de - Gyazo "DC gear motor"
Screenshot - 917d88281f739179eebb228b57782b43 - Gyazo "Incremental Encoder"
Screenshot - 384f4cfbafa71ed6006c23cd2d5c0609 - Gyazo "Incremental Encoder"
Screenshot - 08c9a55d03c8a10f27a8cb3b9657eac9 - Gyazo "DC gear motor and Incremental Encoder"
Screenshot - eb50bf6baa452fa546ca8000e9b8d813 - Gyazo "DC gear motor and Incremental Encoder"
Screenshot - ae0884c7a2b77b80cc58aa9602014da2 - Gyazo "DC gear motor and Incremental Encoder"

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