how to assign a hostname to a WiFi 101 shield?

Hello, all. I'm using a Zero and a WiFi 101 shield. I have the Zero making weather measurements to be made available on a home LAN (mostly hard-wired Debian Linux system, with Netgear wireless router).

I have the Zero making the needed measurements and calculations. I've got the 101 connecting to the Netgear, with a static address on the LAN. I can access the Arduinos from computers on the LAN using telnet and/or a browser. Most everything I need seems to be working fine.

Except that I'd like to give the WiFi 101 shield a useful hostname, like "weather". The firewall for the LAN provides local DNS, so that would be a nice convenience.

I haven't found a command in the libraries (or a work-around here in the forums) that enables this - assigning the name of my choice to the shield.

Advice? Suggestions?

... Rich

You should be able to do that strictly on the router with the local DNS. If it is feasible, have it resolve "weather" to the IP of the Arduino. My MikroTik routers can do that. Maybe if you post the Netgear router model, I can take a look.

In this case, the router is not a router at all. I'm using it only as a wireless access point. Routing (NAT, and the like) and DNS are disabled. Those functiions are provided by the LAN's firewall (another Linux box).

Of course, your suggestion might apply to the firewall's systems. I don't have any experience with adding a hostname/ip there (bind9) when the hostname doesn't actually exist "out there" on the network.

But I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

It's working!

Thanks, SurferTim!

I added the WiFi101's ip (which I had specified in the Arduino code) and the hostname to the bind9 DNS lookup and reverse lookup files and to the hosts file on the firewall, and it all works.