How to attach a txt file from SD moduke and send email using Sim808 mega2560

Hi everyone

Could someone point me in the right direction for code to attach a txt file created on the SD and email that txt file using Sim808 and Arduino Mega 2560? Windows 7

Hi everyone

I save my files using the SD Shield to my SD Card so I can send it via email. I use an Arduino UNO board, an SD shield and a 800c SIM. The email is sent as long as I do not attach a file, but when I use the following command to attach:

myFile ="Text1.TXT", FILE_READ);
GsmSerial.println ("AT + SMTPFILE = 1, " Text1.TXT \ ", 0 \ r");

GsmSerial.println ("AT + SMTPSEND");

I get an error message.

+SMTPFT: 1,1360