How to attribute a pixy value to a variable

Hi, can you say to me how to attribute a pixy value (like x and y)to a int?

You're most likely going to need to provide a detailed description of what you're trying to accomplish before we will be able to help you. Note that we don't necessarily know what the heck a "pixy" is.

Pixy is that : Pixy – PixyCam

And I wont to know how to take a value of pixy (the height, the width, x, y, etc.)
to put it on a int variable.

It’s already in a variable, from when it came over from the Pixy.

Yes, but I don’t know where to take that variable and how to put it on a new one for manipulate it.

Can you demonstrate your issue?

Post the code, using code tags as described in the “How to use this forum” post.

There you will also find hints on making an intelligible post.

All the info you seem to need is here.