How to avoid clipping in op-amp?

Hey, I am using a 5V supply to power an op-amp which is biased at 2.5V. The problem is that the signal clips-off at 4V. I want the signal to be close to 5V without any clipping. How can I achieve this? Should I increase the supply voltage to 9V maybe, because I cannot decrease the input voltage and the gain?


Going to 9V will probably fix the clipping at the top end. As the output can now go above 5V, make sure that doesn't kill anything.

If it also clips the bottom part of the wave-form (close to 0V), then you should switch to a single-supply / rail-to-rail capable opamp.

Even rail-to-rail opamps suffer close to the rails (usually output drive and bandwidth are much reduced), so having a higher +ve rail is a sensible solution (so long as the output doesn't directly drive an analog input without protection of course). Which opamp? there might be a plug-in replacement with better rail-to-rail coverage. Is the full range necessary BTW?

How to avoid clipping in op-amp?

Put a smaller signal in to it.