How to better integrate Arduino 1.6 on Ubuntu 14.04


Up to now I have been successfully running Arduino 1.0.5 on my Ubuntu 14.04 pc.

I have just downloaded and unzipped Arduino 1.6 into my home folder. I am able to run it by opening the arduino-1.6.0 folder and double-clicking the “arduino” file in there. When I do this, the application says “Arduino 1.6.0” on the title bar, so that’s good. I can bring up the “blink” example sketch, select board “Nano 3”, processor “atmega328” and port “/dev/ttyUSB0” and upload it to my Nano 3. All works great.

However, 1.6 has not picked up my sketches, or the extra hardware and libraries that I have installed with 1.0.5.

If I click “Arduino” from the Launcher, it is version 1.0.5 that starts up, and my sketches and downloaded hardware and libraries are all there.

How can I get the Luncher to bring up 1.6, and how can I get 1.6 to pick up my sketches, hardware and libraries?

These things all seem to live in my “sketchbook” folder in my home folder.

Please bear in mind I am only an “intermediate” level Ubuntu user!



Update: partial success.

By editing the sketchbook location under Preferences, I have now got 1.6 to see my sketches and downloaded libraries. However, I cannot see the ATTiny cores or Pro Micro under Boards (these are visible under Boards if I launch 1.0.5 from the Launcher).

You need to use 'core' packages designed to work with 1.6. I think all flavors of Ubuntu allow the user to add to the menu system or create desktop links or launchers for programs. Investigate.

When I double-click "arduino" after extracting the files, it opens in Gedit.. just a bunch of code on a page for me... what are you opening it with?

Hmmm.. can't remember exactly but I may have set execute permission on that file. Then when you double-click, it should run it rather than open it for editing.

cd /... whereever you extracted it to ....
sudo chmod +x arduino