How to block program download on arduino board

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there’s a way to prevent à third party to download a program in an arduino board in order to secure it.


Yes, you just set the fuse bits. But what can stop them from reverse engineering the program from the operation of it? Just how clever is your program? What does it do, that a good programmer couldn't cobble up in a few days?

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Thanks for your answer, It’s very inspiring. I will go check how to set those fuse bytes you are talking about.

Can you please explain why the exact same question appears on Stack Exchange here:
Can Arduino UNO permanently store a code? - Arduino Stack Exchange ?


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Hello, It shouldn’t? I’m just looking for answers.

Answers are provided free by volunteers working in their spare time, so asking the same question more than once could be considered a waste of their time. I think you got a perfectly good answer on Stack Exchange. The same question has been asked and answered here many times, so you could just have done a search and got the answer. I suspect the same is true on Stack Exchange.

Thanks for your point of view, I really looked for similar questions before posting mine, and I just had my answer few hours ago. I don’t think it’s a waste of time to have many answers as the information or the method in them may be different.

I think it's our time we are talking about, not yours...

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I see, I meant not no harm. I will be more cautious next time. Thanks.

A better way to handle this if you want to do it, is to post links to the other discussion, then at least it's out in the open, people can read both threads...

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It is helpful if you do a search and find answers that don't quite provide the answer you are looking for if you provide links to those answers and explain what it is about them that does not meet your needs. The answers you have got here are the same as has been said many times in this forum before.

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Thanks for the hint, I will do so.

I see what you mean. Thanks

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