How to boost current ?

just a newbie question, If I connect a 5V 700ma breadboard power supply to a SX1308 booster module, can i increase it's current to 2Amps while keeping the same 5V voltage??

side note: i don't have the items above so i can't test it out and i'm new to electronics ...

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There is no such thing as "free power" (more out than in),
and "a 5volt/700mA breadboard supply" is mostly advertising nonsense.

A breadboard supply can only supply close to 700mA if you feed exactly 6volt regulated into the DC socket.
Expect that to drop to 200mA max with a 9volt supply or 100mA max with a 12volt supply.

If you are only putting 3.5W (5V x 0.7A) IN then there is no way you can get 10W (5V x 2A) OUT.

That’s pretty basic, just like you can’t put 1 litre of water into a bottle then take 3 litres out of it.


You will need a different power supply. Thrift stores usually have bins of cheap wall warts or power bricks, so look 5V/2A or higher.

Or, use a higher voltage power brick and add a 5V regulator module, like one of these.