How to boot load arduino due without bootloader using AVRISP

Hi friends,

I am using arduino due SAM3X8e. my usb is not detecting in my computer. i have AVRISP programmer. I have connected AVRISP to my board, but in devices option my board is not showing.

Is it possible to load our sketch directly to board via AVRISP. Can anyone tell me or send me the link for downloading SAM bootloader hex file. because i have got those hex files for Atmega328, lilly. but not getting hex file for this.

I am struggling with this issue more than a week, kindly assist me

Thanks in Advance


Hello alagappan,

AVRISP is not compatible with SAM microcontrollers. Only AVR. You have options like: -Hardware: Use SAM-ICE debugger via jtag connector. -Software: Use SAM-BA or bossac via USB connector.



Yes Palliser,

It worked with SAM-BA , Thanks

The Due has a fixed bootloader in ROM, you cannot have one without a bootloader!