How to break LCDx16 display cycle if only one specific value started changing?

Hi I need help switching the display to one specific variable if it started changing value and keep the screen for the same variable for few seconds before going back to the regular cycle.

for i.e. I have different sensors that reads different weather factors (Humidity - Temperature - Pressure), plus I mounted an MPU-6050 sensor on a solar panel to read the angle of the panel.

What I'm trying to achieve is: when I start changing the angle of the solar panel, I want the LCD to display the angle immediately instead of waiting for the LCD to cycle back to the angle page.


We can't see your code.

In the function that changes the angle, set a flag that indicates that the angle is changing. In your LCD update function, use the state of the flag to determine what information to display. When the movement is complete, clear the flag in the movement function and the LCD update can revert to the prior display.

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