How to build a timer controller

I am working on a project and I think Arduino might be my solution, but I am new and have no idea what I am doing. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am building an accelerated weathering chamber. It will have UV lamps, a sprayer, a heating element, and fans. Everything will be powered with standard 120VAC.

I need some type of controller that I can program to cycle power to the various appliances on a time interval basis. For example: UV lamps on for 24 hours, spray on for 30 seconds every hour, heating element on for 30 minutes then off for 30 minutes, etc.

What type of product should I be looking for to do this?

Timerco makes all kinds of controllers for what you're looking for. I've used their weekly timers for small automation projects on the farm that don't have a big budget.

An Arduino with a bunch of relays would be an option. Do make sure your relays can handle the current you're putting through them, as it sounds like you're using some pretty high powered devices such as heaters. As you're at just 120V currents are very high.

If you're still looking, a Click PLC may work for you. Multiple outputs, clock calendar, programming software is a free download, DRUM/sequencer instruction would do exactly what you describe. There's a learning curve but, not like learning C.