How to build customize Arduino IDE using Visual Studio or any other Platform

I am using DigiSpark on my lab. As we know by default Arduino IDE is not compatible to it. I have to become compatible Arduino IDE for it. Means I have to install DigiSpark board on it that contains 3-4 steps. This is a link that describe about how to configure DigiSpark on Arduino IDE.

Now I want to create a exe file, when I execute it. It automatically install these steps also. Please help me in creating this custom setup. Arduino is open source and surely there will be a procedure. Kindly help me regarding this. I will be very helpful for this favour.


I'd just write a script. You can install hardware packages via the Arduino IDE's command line interface (CLI):

arduino --pref boardsmanager.additional.urls=
arduino --install-boards digistump:avr

Is there is no such a way on which I can create .exe file and copy it to all my lab PCs. So that anyone can easily install DigiSpark along Arduino IED just on clicking next button. Means I want to create user friendly environment. Thanks for your appreciation.

What operating system are the computers running?

Windows Operating System (Currently windows 8.1)

In which folder is the Arduino IDE installed on these computers?

C folder means windows folder.

That doesn't make any sense. I was going to provide you a complete solution but since you won't provide me the required information I won't be able to do so. Instead I'll give you general instructions. There is no need to create a .exe file. Instead you should create a Windows batch file. A batch file is simply a text file with the .bat file extension. When you run the batch file, each line of text is executed just as though you had typed it in on the Windows command line. So you only need to use a text editor to create a text file with the arduino CLI commands:

arduino_debug --pref boardsmanager.additional.urls=
arduino_debug --install-boards digistump:avr

You will need to specify the path to the arduino installation folder. That will only install the DigiSpark Arduino IDE hardware package. If a driver needs to be installed then you must add the necessary commands to the batch file.

Now just save the file with the .bat extension. You need to make sure the file truly has a .bat extension. By default, Windows hides the extension of known file types so this makes it easy to accidentally name the file with a .bat.txt extension. That will not work. Once you have a completed .bat file you can simply double click the file and all the commands will be run.

I installed Arduino IDE and keep .bat file in installed directory, so that there is no need to set path. When I run the .bat file it installed DigiSpark board automatically but its examples are not installed as in case of manual setup examples also installed along it. What will be the issue...

Try restarting the Arduino IDE.

I found the reason for not showing the examples. When I select a digispark board, all examples are showing up.
Now everything is clear and operational.
Thank you very much pert for your great support.

Ah, yes. The libraries bundled with a hardware package and their example sketches are only available when a board of that package is selected.

I'm glad to hear you have a working solution now!