how to build Mark Robe solenoid trigger?

hi, i would like to know if anyone has a diagram or can make one on how to build the solenoid trigger,

YouTube VideoYouTube Video

this is the video of the solenoid trigger Mark Robe built.


Got about two minutes into that video, got bored, and realised that if you just write down what you want and add some images I'd not have to waste my time watching some dull video all the way trying to figure out what you want of it.

Technical videos are a high bandwidth, very low data rate means of communicating with the functionally illiterate.

this is little more than a beginners project.

light sensor.
read the sensor, if over X value,
start the timer
once the unit times out,
make an output high

The video’s not bad if you look past the cheesy presentation.
Their methods are almost valid, and the conclusions are undeniable.
And of course revealing the manufacturer coded in a cheat parameter was the most disgusting of all.

That device is no longer a game of chance or gambling, but pure THEFT - as it is designed to NOT permit a winning play even if the rules are followed!

Honestly, any arcades that knowingly setup those ‘must lose’ parameters should be prosecuted.