how to build streaming audio with arduino fio

hello dear,

i'm interested to build system to recognize speech of heron bird , i have arduino fio and XBee-24 S1.

The goal is to send data in real-time from the microphone to the computer over a wireless network.

Identification will be using MATLAB on the computer.

Is it possible to perform? are the components that I have qualified for the project?

thanks in advance


I wanted to ask how can I identify a heron bird in the area or what is the herons frequency range?

Thank you.

You must be on the wrong forum. We don't have a "Bird Watching" section on the forum. I don't know what you mean by frequency with respect to a bird. You kinda lost me there . Are they transmitting at ultrasonic range or what ?

@saleit4, Keep it all in one topic please.