How to build this prototype without pcb

So once before I had a pcb made and although it was cheap and I only made 10 or 20, I made improvements and don’t want to have another 20 pieces made yet.

So I have a Nano on a through- hole which will have a mosfet and a resistor and then the l298n. What I will connect to the nano through-hole board with be the 7.4v battery pack and what I’ll connect to the l298 is a dc motor.

Trying to keep the form factor small, I’m trying to make the 2 main parts face opposite each other. I have here the image of it hand held but I’d like to get your opinions as to how to make these electrically isolated and stick together :


What are we supposed to say ? (use doublesided tape and Kapton tape ?)

Drill holes in the pieces of perfboard and use bolts and standoffs?

Post a picture of the individual 'daughter' boards ,(complete with components), and the 'mother' you want to mount them to.

Drill holes in the pieces of perfboard and use bolts and standoffs?

FYI, I sincerely hope the OP would have already thought of that !

FYI, I sincerely hope the OP would have already thought of that !

Me too, but he is asking.

Me too, but he is asking.

Good point. I guess the question we should be asking is what is he not seeing ?
If I had photos of the individual daughter boards (top & bottom) and the mother board (top & bottom), I would hope I could derive a solution in a matter of minutes. What would you do if your boss asked you to
do that ? (assuming you are actually a professional electronics technician or engineer.)

You guys are too funny!

No I hadn’t thought of the stand offs and holes idea, as I am not a professional engineer. Thanks BJHenry.

The L298N is a pretty standard board I think. And as for the other board it’s just a Nano and a mosfet. I haven’t really built it on the board.

I’m hoping on cutting the through-hole as slender as possible to have it fit the nano, mosfet and the resistor. Then figuring out a way of fitting the L298n to that cutout.


The L298 has the mounting holes so standoffs are perfect for that.
The Nano also has mounting holes so I would use standoffs there as well.

Great! Should I get m2 or m3? They come in kits of like 200 pcs so I'd like to get the most commonly used I guess.

M3 should cover anything you have in mind.

I like m2s but nothing wrong with getting both :wink:


Do you want to use standoffs for the Nano too? You'll need M1.6 bolts for that, M3 is way too big.

And the M1.6 are likely be too small for the L298N module's holes, even with washers. But I would just use the headers to mount the Nano to your perfboard, then drill holes in the perfboard to mount the L298N module to it. So no need for screws and standoffs for the Nano in this case.

Thanks guys!

There you have it. Get M1.6, M2 & M3.
That was easy...