How to burn a Arduino Bootloader


I want to burn my own Arduino Bootloarder on a Atmega Chip. Is it possible to to that, without any additional hardware? Under the Burn Bootloader option in the Arduino Software, I read "Arduino as ISP". How does it works? Do I only have to replace the Duemilanove Chip, with a chip without Bootloader? Or do I have to do more?

Greetings Philipp

Is it possible to to that, without any additional hardware?

Sorry no.

How does it works?

You connect one of many different types of programmer. The list of those supported is in the menu.

no you dont need "extra" hardware, you will need at bare minimum a functioning arduino

if you have an Arduino

Another arduino for use as an ISP is extra hardware in my book, and butchering an existing arduino to make it work as an ISP leaves me cold, never mind a noob. I'd go with GMs answer.

USBtiny progammers are reasonable cheaply available on Ebay and are a simple solution.

totally depends, when working with something on a breadboard it makes more since to add 4 wires to your arduino to your breadboard

I mean if your going to burn a extra chip or 2, and own an arduino and a breadboard, would it not be just as silly to buy a dedicated piece of hardware?

now if your going to do this on a daily basis then yea it might make more since, but if your doing that you probally already know how to make your own out of any avr and some bits of gum

I suspect that he's asking how to do it, means he isn't in the AVR and bits of gum or the Arduino on a breadboard league ;)

There's always AWOL's toggle switches and a great sense of rhythm :

never know, it took me nearly 15 min to stumble across the tutorial page earilier, where it clearly explains how to burn a chip or 2 with your arduino

which leaves us right back to last post, if your doing a few chips every once in a while there is nothing wrong with using your arduino, no extra crap to buy and let sit around 99% of the time

(which is all these programmers seem to amount to for me, more crap i dont use all that much laying around for more money, the 3 chips I have burned got the 4 wire+arduino treatment, and its fine)

and its not like you have to modify your arduino (unlike that bitbang mode) you just plug 3 wires into its spi pins (+1 for reset) and plug it into the spi pins of the other chip, takes seconds to assemble / remove

Do I only have to replace the Duemilanove Chip, with a chip without Bootloader? Or do I have to do more?

So he owns a Duemilanove. No extra hardware needed, just replace the chip and follow the link I earlier posted.

And for the record, I think "the AWOL's toggle switches and a great sense of rhythm" wouold be faster than buying a programmer from ebay ;D

you dont even need the bitbang method anymore

its simple people

A) upload sketch B) plug 4 wires into 4 pins of the arduno C) hook up other chip D) burn


Scuse the ol' skepticism, but that looks like the option of a second arduino, or a breadboarded arduino. The simple no oscillator breadboard means messing with the fuses, which is particularly noob unfriendly. Just buy a pre-bootloaded 328 from Sparkfun or dare I say Ebay......

yea but that was not the question

the op clearly states they have an arduino, they have a non bootloaded chip

the only thing that might be missing is the crystal, and yes without it you have to monkey with fuses, but you would have to do that with your programmer (an unneeded 3rd piece of hardware) too as they are the exact same thing (an avr with avrisp burned onto it)

its simple people

A) upload sketch B) plug 4 wires into 4 pins of the arduno C) hook up other chip D) burn

As far as we know, he has a Duemilanove and a second chip, no second arduino, no breadboard (that's additional hardware, right ;D ). true wires can be seen as hardware too...

Anyway, I think he has enough info to get him started...

Osgeld, other than you don't need to touch the fuses with a USBtiny, I'll concede since you have a higher post count..... ;)

ok fine whatever, op go buy a 30$ usbtiny and toss it in your sock bin when your done

yes ok we dont know if there is a breadboard on hand, and that 15cent (3 bucks mailed) crystal is too much to handle

Only consume dont learn is the vibe I am getting here from GM's first post where he didnt even bother reading the entire question before saying PROGRAMMER!!!!! to people being a smartass cause they disagree

fine from now on I am only going to post answers that can be linked to sparkfun boards and ebay links with msrp prices, since that is all we think of people's intelligence

I used the method described in the link Osgeld mentions. Minimal parts required (1 Duemilanove, breadboard, wires and a ?0.40 resonator). Took me only like 15 minutes to bootload 10 Atmega328's.

Cheapest and easiest method, you probably only need to order the resonator or the crystal&caps.

Way better then buying a $30 programmer that I would probably barely use.

I used the parallel port method a month ago to burn 6 IC's. Simply found an old printer cable, cut the end off, spliced in a connector and burned one after another. Hardest part was finding the right setting for the parallel port in the Dell BIOS.

I have tried many homebrew methods..

parallel cable = no go serial using another MAX chip (I believe) and some caps.. = no go

using an Arduino.. and a few wires was simple..and worked every time.

I actually ordered the BOM on instructables for a breaboard Arduino..

cost total about $7 bucks.. put all on bread board..

used Arduino to flash bootloader..

and since its on my breadboard.. I used a $3.00 data cable and the arduino IDE to upload sketches directly to the breadboard Arduino..

cheap and portable. =)