how to calculate encoder factor and angle input ??????????

this is my motor picture .It is planetary gear motor. Encoder is attach with 6000rpm .
How can i calculate factor to multiply value form encoder read to correct position in 10 rpm ???
What angle input from 6000rpm to angle requirement in 10 rpm ?
Sorry if my english isn’t strong .

Why have you not asked this question as a continuation of your other Thread? Or at least provided a link to that Thread?

RPM means revolutions per minute.

Does your motor rotate at 6000 rpm? If so I don't understand what you mean by

factor to multiply value form encoder read to correct position in 10 rpm

Perhaps you really mean 6000 encoder pulses per minute. However I still don't understand what calculation you want to do. Dividing by 600 will convert 6000 to 10 but I guess you know that so you must have something else in mind.


I think it different topic so i create new topic . Motor rotate from 6000 rpm past planetary gear convert to 10 rpm.Encoder attach at shaft of motor 6000 rpm. you can see at my picture.

There's little to go on online about that gearmotor series - found a chinese
site saying they do many bespoke versions.

The information available suggests the ratio is 600:1 reduction, but that
may not be an exact ratio, so you will have to measure it.

If it is exactly 600:1 then 600 motor turns = 1 shift turn, so if the encoder
is N ppr, then with the reduction gear it will be effectively 600N ppr.

Do you know the ppr of the encoder?

My encoder is 500 ppr.

So in theory it will be 300k ppr on the output shaft - adding a pointer to the shaft and
carefully spinning the motor noting the encoder output before and after 10 turns should
therefore yield a difference of 3 million - more rotations will add confidence to the
gear ratio (or a better measurement of it if its not exactly 600:1).

If it is 300k ppr then 1 degree is 300,000 / 360 = 833 1/3rd encoder pulses

thank you very much