how to calculate the total consumption?

greetings guys.

How do i calculate the total voltage my project needs? im an electronic idiot :confused:

i have these sensors ;

Sulfur - 5v
Co - 5v
Dust - 5v
Mq135 - 5v
MQ131 - 5v
Mq7 - 5v
DHT - 5v
LCD - 5v
RF- 5v

all these are powered via Arduino. so how much powere should i supply to arduino?

How do i calculate the total voltage my project needs?

Each device needs to be supplied with the voltage it requires. As all the devices need 5V then the total voltage is 5V.

You are not mixing up this with current are you?


im a little confused.

im trying to benchmark my device compared to other devices.

for an example, a SHARP Plasmacluster 49w at max.

how do they calculate it?

Power(W) = voltage x current

Best is you use a multimeter to measure the current, then multiply the current measured with the voltage you are supplying to the sensor(s). This will give you the power consumption in watts.

Measuring the consumption of power in electronic sensor circuits is not very helpful, the results are a bit meaningless because the sensors have to have a fixed voltage to work. Therefore current is what you should be measuring and you just add that up to give you the total current. Once you have done that then multiply by 5 if you want, but normally it will give little insight.