How to calibrate Dome Multiplier

I search a lot and find all light meter code are using the same santance

" DomeMultiplier = 2.17 (calibration) "

My question is, how do you calibrate the sensor with a white dome?

Which lines to edit (if any)

I was referring to BH1750FVI with a white dome.

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To calibrate that light sensor, you will need either a calibrated illumination environment, or a calibrated light meter to compare readings.

Yes, buy what is to calibrate? I mean what to write in my sketch?

To "calibrate" in your case means to find a number to multiply the readings produced by your light meter, so that they agree with the readings produced by a professional quality light meter, under the same lighting conditions.

Calibration tutorial: Why Calibrate? | Calibrating Sensors | Adafruit Learning System

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