How to change code from Adafruit motor shield V2.0 to V1.0?

Hi everyone! I’m working on my SMARS Modular robot and I was told I need to switch the code in order for the V1.0 shield to work. I’m really a noob with programming and don’t understand anything. I’ve tried following the adafruit motor shield v1.0 example code to fix the code I want to upload but I just keep getting errors and am confused. If someone could teach me a few things that would be great! This is the code I need to have changed to work with the V1.0 shield. The wiring is very basic and I understand that part very well :slight_smile: . Programming is new to me. Also as a side note I’m not planning to add any sensors just yet. I just want to get the motors to move. Oh and lastly, yes I have the correct libraries installed for my shield. It uses the l293d. Thanks!

SMARS_ultrasonic_demo_AFMS_V2.ino (2.63 KB)