How to change colour on bi-colour 32x16 led matrix


I finally got my V2 of my ping pong scoreboard with two bi-colour RG 36x16 led matrixs working and now just want to change the colour of different elements like digits, arrrows or text. I am not sure how to do this. Currently everything is green

Please advise

Ping Pong Scoreboard Code 64x16 - V1.txt (31.5 KB)



I am using two Sure Electronics 5mm 32x16 bi-color led matrix in series to make 64x16.
Arduino Nano board connected as follows:

void setup () {
HT1632.begin(9, 10, 11, 12);
// Where pinCS1, pinWR, pinDATA and CLK are the numbers of the output pins

I have attached all the files i am using…the sketch text file as well as the HT1632.h and HT1632.cpp files.

I just want to be able to change the text, digits or arrows to either green, red or orange.

Ping Pong Scoreboard Code 64x16 - V1.txt (31.6 KB)

HT1632.h (7.49 KB)

HT1632.cpp (21 KB)