How to change core frequency definition (cpu clock speed)

Hello, everyone

I am using arduino IDE and programming language, functions, libraries etc, to program atmega328 (uno), whitch runs at 1 MHz, using internal oscilator ( frequency cpu clock speed). And i want to keep that clock.

The bootloader is not installed on the atmega328 and i don’t need it. I am using programmer to upload the code, task from arduino IDE “Upload Using programmer”.

Arduino functions, and a lot off libraries out there are written for 16 MHz clock.

So is there a way to general change/adjust 16 Mhz clock (definition) to 1 Mhz or other (for
correct times)…

Thanks, and have a good day :slight_smile:

The 1MHz option with no bootloader for the atmega328 is available in MCUDude's MiniCore. It is also possible to use the default board definitions included with the Arduino IDE, but you would need to make changes to the boards.txt file.

Thanks, that is what i need, i wish you luck :slight_smile: