how to change current output of a stepper motor controller board (e.g. TB6560)?

Hi everyone,

I have just started exploring with TB6560 one direction controller board, my setup is an arduino UNO with a 3A 12V power supply. however, my 125oz 3A stepper motor can only receive 0.4A maximum. I thought the board will automatically give the amount of current that stepper motor can maximum take. At this point, anyone have any suggestions about how to make the TB6560 board give out more current to my stepper motor? Here is my setup |375x500

Thanks, Ti Guo


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Can you post a link to the spec sheet for the controller please/

Tom.. :)

Hi, Found the spec sheet.

There are instructions for setting up the current limit.

Tom.. :)

In addition to what @TomGeorge said:

If I can read your picture correctly, you have set: SW1 OFF SW2 ON SW3 OFF S1 ON S2 OFF

which then limits your current to 0.8A and when the motor is running, it will result in 0.4A. If you could hold the motor shaft by hand, I think it will go up to close to 0.8A then.

So I think you now know what to modify, don't you?

Thanks rpt007 and Tom. that is really useful information. Problem solved!

HOW did you solve it exactly?

Pls think of all newbies who might run in a similar situation and your precise solution description might avoid wasting time of everybody guessing around what might solve the issue.