How to change frequency of 433MHz RF Tranceiver to 477MHZ


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to increase the frequency of a 433MHz RF Tranceiver to 477MHZ

I am in Australia hence I am asking

You can't because that frequency is FAR, FAR outside the legal ISM band.

I'm assuming this is a low cost RF board.

I'm not sure but I think you would need to change the inductor/transformer to move the frequency. Even if the inductor was tunable and had the ability to reach 477 it would be hit or miss trying to get it there with out special equipment.

I'm guessing Australia?


Moving out of approved ISM bands could easily see you visited by a government vehicle, along with multi-thousand dollar penalties — before you go to court.

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Hi, @xxbluethunderxx
You want to move up to UHF CB band, you have to have approved equipment to use that band under a class license.
I can hardly see one of those 433Mhz devices as approved for anywhere except ISM.

Why do you want to shift frequency?
Those 433MHz devices are only good for digital comms.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

In that case, it is definitely illegal to propose that.

That said, how about being sensible and instead of posing a "XY ptoblem", just tell us what it is you actually need to do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Curious, my quick google search showed 477Mhz legal in Australia. Why might it be illegal? This is a different question that if its doable.


Same in the U.S. Any transmitting equipment used in the licensed spectrum (except HAM) has to be type certified by the FCC.

But, I am with you- just what problem does Bluethunder want to solve by changing the frequency of a transmitter?

I now have a fair suspicion that he has purchased one or more Baofeng 888S radios because they are quite cheap, but only operate on and around the Amateur band and cut out at 470 MHz.

As the more expensive UV 5R/ UV 9R do operate the UHF CB band, it is vaguely possible that they use the same components and there is some firmware hack to make the 888 operate at 477, but I have not come across it.

Mind you, I have an Amateur licence anyway, so the 888 is not entirely useless, but the 5R is generally more useful. (Took me a moment to check - the label has fallen off the bottom of the front panel - cheap manufacture! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

UV/5RA is definitely very usefull, even with whip antenna can hear QSO on ISS repeater on good passes.

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Have you tried with the 888?

Don't have one, currently building a QRP SSB/CW transceiver, nice kit, uses Nano and DDS as VFO.
Just got the PCB assembled, the toroid coils took the longest.

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PS. Surprised we haven't heard from @xxbluethunderxx

Might be asleep, or watching the 9/11 reports. :grin:

I watched ABC doco Thursday, night, brilliant, no commentary just a montage of clips in chronological order and some text on screen.

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Sorry just been doing work

I am investigating if it is possible to make a DIY UHF CB 477 MHz radio due that being the main communication band in Australia :earth_asia::kangaroo:

"DIY" plus "UHF CB" = illegal. Oxymoron if you like. :frowning:

Also nothing whatever to do with Arduinox.

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