How to change permission with shell script?

i created a folder on the sd-card wit a small shell script, this looks like: (i'm in the directory /mnt/sda1/)
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 32768 Feb 18 17:56 sequenz_2014-02-18-17.56.38
How can i change the permission of this directory?
I have tried a lot, but it is always the same :frowning:

Thanks for help!

You need chmod, this is an ancient Unix command so there are almost infinite options. Try to start but Google will give many results.

chmod a+w /mnt/sda1/filename will make it writeable by "all", chmod o-x /mnt/sda1/filename will remove execute privileges for "others" anyone not the owner or in the group.

All kind of pointless since there is usually only root as a login user in openwrt.