How to change REST port number?

Right now for wifi access, both the configuration page:

and the rest API:

both run on port 80.

I'd like to be able to split things, by being able to set the port number for the config page as one port (Not port 80) and the port number for the REST api to another port.. for example:

http://arduino.local:3000 would get to the config page

http://arduino.local:3001 /arduino would go to the REST api

and I want nothing responding on port 80.


I'll begin to answer my question here...

uhttpd is supposed to support more than one virtual host... so I should be able to get the effect I want with config settings....

i'll reply back here once I set it up in case this is useful info to others.

You got it: uhttpd config is where you change port from 80 to 3000. Unfortunately, uhttpd is, as the name implies, a micro web server: it does not support virtual hosts.
However, you can install a more feature full web server like apache or nginx or lighttpd. You'll have to configure them to still give you access to the REST api, but then you'll be free to configure as many virtual hosts you want