How to Change SS Pin Ethernet Shield ans USB Host Shield?

Hello everyone, I have a question.
How to change SS or CS pin in both shield? I know that Ethernet Shield and USB Host Shield use SPI, and if I dont change the pin i can't use both shield. So, How to change that pin?

For Your Information
In USB Host Shield I use these library
And for Ethernet, I use official library from arduino Ethernet.h

Which pins are the shields using as CS/SS? The Ethernet shield is hardwired to pin 10.

I think both shield using pin 10 as a SS/CS. Can i change the SS/CS pin by define it in programming? or Am I must to hardwired the board?


Even if you change the slave select on one of the shields, you must insure the ICSP pins are connected on both shields. Normally, the ICSP pins are cut off flush with the circuit board, so the top shield will not get the SPI bus data lines. Have you considered what is involved with that?

I have library code for the ethernet shield that I just finished testing for IDE v1.6.4. It works with all board except the Due, and allows you to change the slave select for the w5100.

edit This is the connector you will need to install on the bottom shield. Leave the pins extending above the lower shield so they will insert into the upper shield's ICSP socket.
It has .584" pins.

so? where is the library?