How to change the ESP8266 baud rate ?.


I am using ESP8266 (total 8PIN. 2GPIO)module. And I try to interface with my arduino. But I cant. Some times I got error.

So I decided to use the software serial baud rate from 115200 to 9600. But I cant change the esp module baud rate.

I also looking for how to connect the module with my tablet and control the arduino IOs.

I can connect the module with my tablet now.
using this commabds

Esp AP IP address is so I can feed this ip address with my tablet so i can send the data.
Is this correct ?.

can you please explain ?.

How to update the frimware ?. latest
How to change the baud rate ?

what is the command for change the module baud rate.
I tried this

I cant change the baud rate. that is why i need to update the firmware.
Once I set the baud rate need to change again when the module restart or power on time ?.

This firmware support to change the baud rate ?. if not which one ?.
Send me the latest firm ware.

I am using this tool esp8266_flasher.exe
and firmware is v0.9.5.2 At firmware.bin

thank you.