How to change the number for GSM module using user interface ??

I want to change the number for GSM module according to the user needs. So how could i do this to change the number according to the User needs ? Suppose I want to change the number for sending SMS but every time I have to modified in the coding for changing the number but I don't want to modify the code. So what i want to do is that i want set up a user interface so that i could set up the number which i need from the user interface. Could i do this using Arduino and gsm module?? Or will it be better to used raspberry pi for setting up the User interface instead of Arduni uno ??? Please suggest the way???????????

I suppose one way would be to invent a set of codes e.g.

CSMGNUM: +41319994567

Which means change the number for sending SMS to +41319994567.

You send this code string as a text message from your own cell phone to the device you want to configure, it recognises it as a command, interprets it and reconfigures itself.

If you aren't using Serial for anything else you can have the Arduino send a prompt to the PC and look for a response. You would put the number in EEPROM and use that number until a new number is sent via Serial. Depending on the model of Arduino, the user may need a driver to connect to Serial. They will need some kind of serial terminal program or a program you write for the PC to connect to Serial and send a phone number.

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