How to change the specific character background?

The link shown a OLED shows 2 lines in high light, and the other one with a dark background.
My question is if can get a specific character's background shown like the dark line?
Thanks for help.


I believe you have an LCD not OLED.
The Reverse Character attribute is set in the software. It is possible with some libraries to make any number of characters in reverse.

You will need to post your code. CAUTION please use code tags (this </> icon). Also make sure your code does not have a lot of empty lines or else the code tag engine will separate you code. Also make sure your code is formatted properly (the Arduino IDE) will do this for you (there is a menu option for this).

The reason for this is it makes it easier on those trying to help you to read and quickly understand your code.

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Given a string such as "ABCDE" then almost certainly you can print it normally or in reverse. If so then you could print any character or number of characters normally or in reverse by printing them individually and changing the display attributes for each character as required

The ability to do this will depend on the library used and I have not tried it for myself

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Thank you!

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